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Thank you for Upholding Human Rule

I’m flesh and blood and grateful that the same still exists on the flip side of this platform

The Secret Aspirant
1 min readNov 19, 2020
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I’m human (!) and thankful for the champion of true humans on any platforms that try to maintain and foster positive community among us.

This is to document the reason for my previously short unknown and forced hiatus from this platform that was out of my control. I am at the mercy, as all of you, to the invisible digital bots that may bias our identities sometimes erroneously. So if it were not for prevailing human judgment, as I hope you will use wisely as well, I would have been relegated to just another ‘junk’ writer.

Not deterred or upset at all. Just happy to know and want to continue advocating human involvement —the invaluable trust in humans for the good.

In light of upsetting and incredible national political discourse that has become unbecoming of a leading democratic standard for the world to see, during a lethal and pernicious global viral pandemic, we all really need those who can bring back hope in the sense and reason in fellow humans.

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