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The Secret Aspirant
1 min readJan 9, 2022
My Referred Membership Landing Page
If you are not yet a Medium member, consider becoming a member through me 
(click the caption link: "My Referred Membership Landing Page").

Thank you for your support of my writing.

A portion of your membership fee would directly support me and my efforts
in continually writing here but at no additional cost to you and without
any changes to your membership - you still get full access to every story
on Medium besides mine. But your support would make a real difference for
a writer.

For details of Referred Membership, you can also check out the pertinent
page from the Help Center on this platform here.
Feel free to check out my story on how to create this page in
"How To Display Your Own Referred Membership Landing Page".

Thank you for visiting & reading!

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*Note: per Medium, it appears as of August 1, 2023, this program is no longer being supported by them. This page serves as a historical page (that has lasted just over a year).



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