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Happy Mother’s Day | 2021

The rare human commodity that is on the decline

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

Mothers are an appreciating asset.

We know good ones are rare and based on statistical data compared to many decades ago, the modern woman has kids at a later age or not at all.

The Rarity Data

According to the National Vital Statistics Report dated 30 December 2013 by the (this is a direct link to that .pdf file report),

  • the mean age of women becoming mothers increased 4.4 years compared with 42 years prior:

“In 2012, the mean age of mother was 25.8 years, up from 25.6 years in 2011 and from 21.4 years in 1970…”

In 2014,

  • the U.S. census…

For You Fans

Including a small comment on the cliché, ‘YouTube of writing’

Photo by Howie R on Unsplash

This is a thank you note to all you savvy followers.

Ironically on Easter Sunday — which I view it as a coincidental and metaphorical nod to ‘new beginnings’ of some sort — I surpassed the 100 followers mark; a month ago, today, on 4 April 2021.

But I’ve been having a backlog of getting around to this point in thanking you all more formally for being there along on this journey. So, the short of it is: Thank you for having stuck around!

The Longer (Meatier) Version

Speaking of ‘stuck’ and ‘journeys’, for you writer-followers, you might be wondering how long it took…

Life in Language

The origins of the tree zodiac & the wisdom & language of the ancient Celts

Knight, Charles: “Old England: A Pictorial Museum”., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

[Main photo: The Druid Grove dtd 1845; “A bearded and robed man sits in the shade of a giant tree, probably an oak tree; in the background a group of three robed figures surrounds a smaller tree.”]

The language (and personality) of trees has apparently been known for more than a few thousands of years by the amazing lost history of the Celts. Below is a fun historical poem I made just for you:

Gaeilge [Irish]
᚛ᚌᚐᚓᚔᚂᚌᚓ᚜ [ogham — for ‘Gaeilge’]
Latine [Latin]
᚛ᚂᚐᚈᚔᚅᚓ᚜ [ogham — for ‘Latine’]

We shall come full cycle Beidh muid ag teacht tumthriall…


Part II: The Mysterious Egg

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

This is a fictional story inspired by the magic light of children, the power of friendships and games, holidays, and creative meanings around us.

This is the second part of a multi-part series. The first part is found here at the ‘Story Bandits’ publication:

Part II: The Mysterious Egg

“Aaaahhhhh!” Oli shrieks in frustration. Dusty dashes over, barking with encouragement, but it’s too late. In his worry about his pole position gained by his head start with Dusty’s help earlier in distracting Harper, Oli still couldn’t help himself but look over at Harper to see how he was doing and now lose focus himself. Not only does the ladle twist to its side and the egg flies down, it falls down against Oli’s levering knee…

Life in Language

Who knew the ancients had profound meanings for working with wood?

Photo by Jeremy Zero on Unsplash

Here is a poem for you created in the spirit of woodworking (on computers), from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics:


menkh — menkh-t
baiu menkhu!

In Pictograph:

Observational Musings

Dissecting the Forbes’ numbers and what it can tell us

Photo by Fernando @cferdo on Unsplash

Ever year, Forbes, itself a 103-year-old legacy publisher originated by the Forbes family, famously issues their analysis and legacy list of “The World’s Billionaires”. It is the most anticipated list for outsiders to ‘see’ who is on top and rising. They began this annual list in 1986.

This year is their 35th year, published 6 April 2021:

This list is different from the ‘Forbes 400' list which began in 1982 and was last published (the 39th edition) in September 2020, so I’d expect the same list this year (being the 40th) to come out in the fall. …

The Arts & Tech

Should you get on this digital train?

Photo by Dimosthenis Papamichail on Unsplash

To understand NFTs, we have to run through some basics on blockchain technology. And blockchain technology began with Bitcoin.

Blockchain and Bitcoin may have be used synonymously because this is how blockchain was introduced and is the functional basis behind Bitcoin, but they are separate concepts.

So what is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency (BTC). It’s money created in the digital space. They call it cryptocurrency because it is a digital currency that uses cryptography (or secure communications that cannot be viewable by third parties). …

Fiction | Easter 2021

Part I: The Egg Race

Photo by Eric Heininger on Unsplash

This is a fictional story inspired by the magic light of children, the power of friendships and games, holidays, and creative meanings around us.

Part I: The Egg Race

“Readdy? Ssset. GOOOO!” Ciro shouts through the megaphone from the sidelines of the backyard lawn at the two teams: Wren and Oli, and Harper and Awen.

It made it more fair to have best friends, a year apart, Wren (10) and Harper (11), on separate teams and then split up the young’uns on either team.

Ciro, being the oldest at 13, was the de facto judge, and, of course, also Awen’s face painter today. Not only…

Observational Musings

The nonsensical ironic facts and stories about nuts and trees

Photo by Raspopova Marina on Unsplash

These nuts come from trees —

Acorns from oaks,
Chestnuts from beeches,
Hazelnuts from birches,
Macadamia nut from the Macadamia,
Pecans are hickories,
Pine nuts from pines,
Pistachio from the small pistachio tree,
(and Cashews are part of the same family),
Walnut from walnut trees,
(Almonds are fruits but of the almond tree!).

Except peanuts are legumes;
I guess that’s why they are pea-nuts,
and as the outlier I guess so
if you were to say to someone,
‘you’re a peanut’,
then, you’re really saying,
‘you’re not from a tree’, but
then every ‘nut’ is also, ‘crazy!’?

Then, what is…

The Secret Aspirant

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