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Happy Father’s Day 2020

Let’s Not Forget a Bulk of Society

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

No doubt, what the virus pandemic and the U.S. Black Lives Matter protests against racial inequality and social injustice this year (2020) have reminded us is that part of the future of America does lie with our younger mixed race generations — our nation’s children and the families that shall consist of the decades to come.

The unfortunate elderly and the loss of their lives has confirmed their fatal vulnerability to COVID-19 with over 80% of the recorded deaths from 1 February to 17 June by the CDC being aged 65 and older.

The latest Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests…

Politics & Perspective

The Struggle for Righteous Politics

An underneath concrete hole view as of obscuring the full view of the blue-clouded sky.
An underneath concrete hole view as of obscuring the full view of the blue-clouded sky.
Photo by Zane Lee on Unsplash

Can being devoted to your religious faith be in conflict with being American?

Can you be both an American and be truly devoted to your faith?

Faith is obviously very personal and can shape our individual values but it illogically conflicts for many with the constitutional politics of the U.S.

In the U.S., when we talk about religion or one’s faith, we are contemplating the majority of Americans who are Protestant Christian (no surprise given the obvious historical arrival of 16th century European Reformed Protestantism of the explorers of the North American New World), attested also according to the 16…

Interlinking History

Treacherous American Presidential Politics

A head white wolf leading the pack facing you from the forest as if threatening to approach.
A head white wolf leading the pack facing you from the forest as if threatening to approach.
Photo by Tom Pottiger on Unsplash

2 Nov 2020:

As the Presidential Election on 3 November 2020 treads upon us in the U.S., it is easy to be swept up in the polls, hyped up about the Electoral College, fear violence and more clashes between opposing politically-charged citizens, and all the while during real concerns about our national fate in the COVID-19 pandemic and the unabated protests of social injustice. …

Politics & Perspective

It doesn’t have to be the way it is

Photo by Michael Jasmund on Unsplash

We all (should) participate in capitalism.

If in the free market (and we being a part of it) and if we want to buy what is being peddled bears it, whatever the product or service be can live on in breadth and bounty.

In a free capitalistic society, within laws, but free so to speak insofar as having the freedom, you can try to sell whatever you think you can market successfully — be it a good idea, a bad idea, a real idea, or a sham.

It’s up to the consumer to be savvy enough to say, ‘I want…

Wisdom of People

An intense conversation between controversial stars, Generation Xer to Millennial Vlogger

Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

In the most unlikely of places and people you might not have expected to find or hear of interesting thoughts on the mysteries of life or even witness in action the mentality of a true champion fighter, would be in this podcast interview with legendary boxer, Mike Tyson, with young, controversially rambunctious (then 17–18, now 25), Logan Paul.

But ‘it could happen’ — a famous phrase belted out by Tyson that made waves of laughter even a stand-up comedian felt was the inadvertent genius of Mike Tyson, in the middle of one of Mike Tyson’s own podcasts with stand-up comedian…

Culture & Society

At least, that’s spelled with a ‘K’ like ‘Karen’, right?

Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash

Last year on the same day as Memorial Day and George Floyd’s brutal murder, 25 May 2020, we came to yet another unbelievable viral video of a White woman who falsely accuses a Black man of threatening her life and her dog in New York’s Central Park when she was requested to curb her dog as requested by the gentleman out in the park to bird-watch. …

Happy Memorial Day | 2021

Honoring these fallen heroes impels living application of ruth

Photo by Cross-Keys Media on Unsplash

is to remember why I
(my family, friends)
can enjoy this day
in comfort and relative freedom
as part of an amazing country.

Let’s not waste that freedom
given to us
in using it
to take it away from others.

Remember our dead every year,
but every day, also our living nurses,
our neighbors, our neglected,
our diversity and differences.

War — in any form — is
not only a heavy toll,
but one that is waged
without dialogue,
without discourse,
nor with compassion.

What purpose do
our fallen serve
in voluntary death
if we, as a nation,

Preserving Memories | Retro Computer Games

Part I: An Ancient Persian-Inspired Retro PC Game Ignites My Inner Child Again

Photo by MohammadHosein Mohebbi on Unsplash


Last month, I came across Martin van Soest’s nostalgic story of a specific computer game he played as a kid that felt futuristic and eye-opening:

I had to indulge.

Well, because retro games for me are just forgotten treasures that are also proof that there was a much more stylistically minimal age with much fewer sound and video effects that still alighted your imaginations to no end. So it’s as much nostalgia for me as a postulation that those were just more imaginative game designs because of their inherent limitations being at the start of the game industry. So the…

Culture & Society | Satire

“Fake it ’til you break it” isn’t the right life slogan either

via Wikipedia Commons | Public Domain

‘Cheaper is good’.

Is it the low low prices that’s allowed Americans to live so comfortably in being able to buy the comforts, products, and services that may have been out of reach in our past or cornered in the market and now brought into commercial availability — more direct to consumer at much better prices?

Or, could it also mean, we just want greater value so that we are paying for something closer to its actual worth?

Either way seems fair to ask and even demand as a consumer. …

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