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The idea of taking on living actively from Kobe Bryant’s death

The walking path of mapping out your journey destination — the figurative of taking active part in everyday activities
Photo by Tamas Tuzes-Katai on Unsplash

Given so much has happened this year, 2020, domestically and globally, and the unending climatic conflicts in politics, and, of course, the global viral pandemic, as we approach the end of this year and try to find some semblance to it all, I can’t help but think back to a…

Literature in Life

How Foolhardy Trumpism is Totally Lethal

Photo by Wolfgang Rottmann on Unsplash

COVID-19 Numbers Show Another Reality

Is it just irony or simply gross irresponsibility that as Wednesday’s 06 Jan 2021 violent events at the U.S. Capitol are directly incited by President Trump’s rhetoric during a same-day rally, meanwhile, it was also the most deadly COVID-19 day in the US among the entire world with 3,865 deaths?

A Panegyrical Cant

Literature in Life

An analysis of The New Yorker video that is as revealing of violating the U.S. Constitution as it is of the characteristic flaws of humankind

Bas-relief stone mural of revolutionary war.
Photo by Chris Curry on Unsplash

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I watched with both deep curiosity and horror the following video I found from The New Yorker, “A Reporter’s Footage from Inside the Capitol Siege” | 17…

Culture & Society

Trump’s era has taught us some telling tidbits forming an unofficial guide of the important elements for the highest office in the land

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

It is precisely due to Trump’s failed presidency that some unexpected takeaway lessons can now be visible in stark contrast when compared to President Joe Biden, his character, and his delivered address and approach from the previous administration.

Here are the top 5 lessons learned from the Trump era:

№1 The U.S. presidency is a REAL job

Trump taught us that politicians do in fact have responsibilities and practice…

What’s Up? M | Wish lists & Suggestions

Participate in fostering a positive ecosystem

Reddish neon words lit, “don’t just take, give.”
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This publication aims to bring you forthright information and new ideas to improve your experience with this platform as a writer. Knowing the ins and outs of this system, understanding how to optimize it to your benefit, while still being aligned with this platform’s mission and ecosystem in a fair…

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10 things to consider

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This publication aims to provide some insight with information to improve your experience as writers with this platform while earning fairly. This can help writers evaluate their strategy and goals as a writer here and elsewhere. Check out the publication’s goals here.

This story is an organized synopsis documenting some…

What’s Up? M | Platform Features

Let’s create a DIY version using available tools

A colorful graphic display on a large monitor with a tablet version set on a table perpendicular to it.
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Know-how is the key in utilizing and optimizing a system to your benefit. There is a lot to be desired in understanding all the detailed ins and outs of the features that are and are not available on this platform that can directly affect your earnings (positively and negatively).


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